Friday, February 5, 2010

Long way to Tipperary.

As the words of the song go,its a long way to Tipperary, but I can assure you that you will not be sorry you made the journey. As a photographer who lives here everyday I am in complete awe of this beautiful county. With a number of mountain ranges, the Galtees, the Comeraghs, the Knockmealdowns and Slievenamon to name just some Tipperary is a walkers paridise. If mountain or hill walking is not your thing then there are lowland river walks. Boasting some of the most famous historical sites in Ireland, like Cahir Castle, The Rock of Cashel, Athassel Abbey, and Holycross abbey and that is only in south Tipperary. The Shannon flows through part of North Tipperary and again you have great walks and historical buildings like Roscrea Castle & Round Tower, Nenagh Castle and the famous Ballinhinch Castle Hotel. These are only a few of many sites and places to visit while in Tipperary which boasts a long and varied history. Legend and Folklore are also to be found in this mystical county, wheather its Fionn McCool and Slieve na mon or the Devil and Borrisnoe mountain you will find stories a plenty. Wheather you are walking, driving, or cycling to come to Ireland and not to put Tipperary on your itinery would be a mistake, to live in Ireland and not to have visited Tipperary is a sin. You have read the opinion of one man, all I can say is I have exhibited the Beauty of Tipperary, and Ireland around the world and in each place people have left my exhibitions saying they will have to come and enjoy such beauty for themselves. As usual if you think I can help you in anyway you can e-mail

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