Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Following the light.

People often ask me what I do for a living and I feel like saying I chase and try to capture light. I would not be telling lies because as photographers that is exactly what we do. I am fortunate enough to live almost on the banks of the river suir, looking right across at the Galtee mountains. One Day last week I had just finished writing something when I looked out my sitting room window, shafts of light were streaming through the clouds and lighting the mountains like spotlights. It was amazing and as often as I see these light shows in Ireland they never loose their magic. I dropped everything hopped in my car and proceeded to chase the light, heading towards Bansha and from there on to Rossadrehid, I was heading for Lake Muskery. No matter what time of year you visit the Galtees, their beauty will blow you away but you should always treat these mountains with respect. The one thing you should remember is how quickly weather conditions can change and while as mountains go our ranges may not be considered very high, they can still be very dangerous. I had left instructions where I was going and what time I expected to be back etc. I love the walk up through the wooded areas following the road way as you get higher you realise the stillness and tranquility of your surroundings, sometimes interrupted by the bleating of sheep. With a couple of nice streams along the way to add to the scene there are great photo ops. A little further on you climb the stile and from this point on you appreciate having good walking boots as the going gets a little rough. It is an incredible walk to the lake, the beautiful Galtee mountains rising up around you, you would want to be dead not to appreciate its beauty. Before you come to the lake you pass a couple of more streams which all add to this wonderful seen. However the real scene is to see Lake Muskery set back into the mountain, as light dances across the water, putting on another show for you it feels like another world. I find it hard to drag myself away from the lake, but I am conscious that the light is fading fast. No one wants to get caught on the mountain at this time of year, especially without the proper camping equipment. If you feel however that walking in the Galtees is a little bit strenuous then this area has pleanty more to offer. You can do the Glen of Aherlow drive stoping to enjoy the great veiws of the Galtee mountains. There are many historic and holy sites, St. Pecauns holy well, St. Berriherts well and kyle, St. sednas well situated at Clonbeg church and Moore abbey which was built around 1204 by Donough O' Brien King of Thomond. The bottom line wheather you are interested in photography, hill walking or just a nice day out this area of Tipperary has a huge amount to offer.