Monday, February 8, 2010

Teaching is such a buzz.

There can be no better feeling than to share your knowledge with other people. Since I started teaching photography a couple of years ago my enjoyment of photography has increased also. To talk to people who share your interests and to exchange information is a wonderful feeling. I only do a few classes for the vocational education committee each week and it is only a part-time position however I am starting my own workshops and photography tours. Not only do I have knowledge and vast experience of photographing Ireland I also have a certificate in tour guiding, you can join me and not only learn about photography, but also about the history and culture of Ireland. This is not an add, but if you do not put information about then how can people learn what you are doing. It is so hard to explain to some people how for me photography and my love of Ireland go hand in hand, I cannot imagine one without the other. Whether it is people photography, or landscapes and wildlife I will always try to insure my images have an irish feel to them. With St. patricks day fast approaching I always look at this date as the start of my new season, days are getting longer and its time to start creating some new images. I seldom travel to far from home during the shorter days of winter as it does not really make economic sence. As usual anyone who would like to contact me can do so on

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