Tuesday, January 10, 2012


There are a few rules in photography that can help to take your photography from nice to wow. One of the first is a basic composition rule "The rule of Thirds". On many modern cameras now you can actually put a grid on screen which makes sticking to the rule of thirds easy. The idea of the rule of thirds is to stop you putting your horizon in the middle of your image & basically cutting your image in half, very often you can end up with two images in the one photograph. Another basic com positional rule is to include foreground interest, which helps to lead you into the image. When I go to create an image I think of myself as telling a story, I take time in com position to see if I am telling the whole story of what is in front of me. This may sound simplistic, that's because it is, good photography is about taking time & care before you press the shutter button.A good photographer should be interested in being out taking photograph's & less interested in sitting at a computer trying to enhance the images they have already created. No matter how much work you put into a bad photograph you will seldom   make a great photograph of it. So in observing the rule of thirds you are basically putting the horizon on the top or bottom third of the image. For fore ground interest you do not necessarily need something spectacular, a rock,a clump of rush's etc. However if you can find something that adds a burst of color all the better. One of the key things to remember however is that you should not go home without an image just because you could not keep these rules. At the end of the day you have to be true to yourself, if you like a scene & the way you are composing it,then go for it. You will find plenty of people willing to offer opinions & perhaps criticism on your work, so don't be to critical of yourself.