Friday, November 27, 2009

An answer would be nice.

Hi all, what is it with so many companies who seem to encourage your enquiries through their websites and then do not answer your query. I am so tired of this, I can understand that companies are extremly busy and it may take sometime, but not to answer at all. I would give anything to see someone put these rude people in their places. We live in an age where replying to people could not be easier and yet people choose to be ignorant about it. There was also a time not to long ago when companies would fell the need to recipricate, You were doing business with them so they tried to return the favour. As a society now we tend to look after ourselves first all the time, which some people will say is fair enough, but what happens if everyone becomes totally selfish all the time. Putting others first is not an illness and sometimes you will find that your life will be enriched by just one selfless Act.

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