Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ireland needs you.

I love Ireland, I am not afraid to say it. It is an incredibly beautiful country with incredible light. The problem is that this is not being sold, most countries will highlight these positives in the hope of attracting people who would come for the photography not Ireland. We are trying to sell the country and many of the people that we try to sell to know the country better than the people who are selling it. I am now going to do this myself. I am a wildlife and landscape photographer who travels the 32 counties of Ireland to create my images. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, the quality of light for artists and photographers is second to none. You can hardly travel more than a couple of miles without being taken aback by the beauty of the countryside. Every small parish is busting with history and historic sites that make wonderful subjects for photographs. Now more than ever Ireland needs tourism, we need people to come here and experience the magic of Ireland for themselves, I can promise you you will not be disappointed. If you are coming to Ireland and I can assist you in anyway please e-mail on info@goldenirishphotography.com Regards Johnny Cash.

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